Saturday, November 22, 2008

Working group information

The Scientific Organizing Committee has deliberated on views received from all its members and has decided to organize four working groups. Information received from many of you on your preference has been wired into the assignment to the working group. If for some strong reason you wish to be in a working group different from that in which you presently find yourself, please write and will try and reassign. If your name has been inadvertenly omitted, please draw our immediate attention to this and we will correct it.

The working groups have been formed with two conveners to help identify current research problems that could be considered by the participants of each group and students for future study. The presence of international experts is a vital ingredient: the working groups may feel free to organize talks, seminars and internal discussions. The conveners may may present a summary report at the end of the workshop on the deliberations of the working groups, problems identified, and suggested course of action, and submit it to the superconvener. The latter may then collate these and present them to the Chairman for inclusion in the report of the workshop to be sent to the funding agencies.

The working groups have also been slightly rearranged and renamed. The information on each of them is given below. The numbering is arbitrary. Apoorva Patel will be the superconvener of the working groups and if conveners face problems or obstructions or issues that they are not immediately able to solve, they may approach him (adpatel [at] cts dot iisc dot ernet dot in).

I. Chiral Perturbation Theory

Conveners: B. Ananthanarayan and Juerg Gasser
Scientific Secretary: Rahul Srivastava

Rathin Adhikari
Padmanbha Dasgupta
Bachir Moussallam
Asmita Mukherkjee
Alan Norton
Andreas Nyffeler
Prafulla Panda
P. N. Pandita

II. Lattice gauge theory and chiral Lagrangians

Conveners: Gilberto Colangelo and Maarten Golterman
Scientific Secretary: I. Sentitemsu Imson

Sinya Aoki
Shailesh Chandrasekharan
Nilmani Mathur
Apoorva Patel
Monalisa Patra
Udit Raha
S. S. Singh
Urs Wenger

III. QCD Strings

Conveners: N. D. Hari Dass and Gunnar Bali
Scientific Secretary: Ranjan Laha

Dilip Choudhary
Govind Krishnaswami
Saiful Islam
Pushan Majumdar
Manu Mathur
Peter Matlock
S. Mitra
S. Roy
Vikram Soni
Vikram Vyas

IV. Non-perturbative methods

Conveners: Aneesh Manohar and H. S. Sharatchandra
Scientific Secretary: Gauhar Abbas

Jitesh Bhatt
Sudhansu Biswal
Rohini Godbole
Abhishek Iyer
Samir Mallik
Parthasarathy Mitra
R. Parthasarathy
J. Pasupathy
Sunethra Ramanan
Bikash Sinha