Saturday, November 22, 2008

Information for speakers and participants on talks and working group activity

All speakers may kindly note that we will have multi-media projection facilities and talks may be of pdf of ppt format which should be handed over to our volunteer latest before your session starts, preferably even earlier if possible. It would, of course, be wonderful if the speakers could send us the pdf files by email before the workshop starts which will save workshop time. If you really must use transparancies, please have them scanned by a volunteer before the talk and convert to pdf and use the projection facilities. We plan to copy all talks on to CDs, and each participant will receive a CD with all the talks before the end of the workshop.

In a separate post to follow, we will list the working group information for your ready reference. During the workshop, each working group will have a scientific secretary who will assist in the running of the working group, help out with making copies and finding work space and whatever else you might require you make your working group activity more meaningful. We plan to assemble several important books which will be made available to you for your use during the working group activity. Please note that onsite the printing facilities will be limited, and so please bring important references with yourself so that no time will be wasted looking for these. We will very soon make a comprehensive list of members of working groups who make then start thinking of what they could do during the workshop and even communicate with one another in advance.

Finally, if you have any suggestions for improving or enhancing the workshop, please write to Anant (anant [at] cts dot iisc dot ernet dot in) who can take your suggestions into account.