Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pre-registration information, etc.

The list of participants is now complete and we are sorry that we cannot take any more requests. For those of you who find their names on the web-page under list of confirmed participants, please send us by email to the workshop address the following information in this format:

1. Name as it should appear on the badge

2. Affiliation as it should appear on the badge

3. Your postal address and emergency contact information, including telephone numbers

4. Arrival and departure details as soon as possible. Of course this should include arrival times of trains and flights so that we can arrange for the transportation to the places where you will be accomodated. The departure details too are welcome, but those we can always get out of you when are here, in case they are not readily available.

If you require a formal letter of invitation for your internal purposes of travel funding and/or leave of absence, write immediately. Please explicitly state if you require hard copy / scanned copy / soft copy / any other possibility. If you require emergency contact information on our side, write a mail and we will send it to you. This will not be posted on the web-site.

Also, please keep checking the web-site from time to time for updates.